Definition of torture?

BB, I want Leah, and I want her NOW! She’s so close, but so far away! I’m in pain!

She is so sweet I want her too!~!!

Decisions, decisons! I have so many favorites…I guess that doesn’t make them favorites, technically, but I think that’s “another one” I must have!

OHHHHHHHHH I am feeling the PAIN also -I need Leah and Lane - That means I am in twice as much pain !!!

True dat! They all are SO cute.

I want Leah too…NOW, NOW, NOOOOOWWWW!!!

I have saved her picture and visit her several times a day.

Wow, you guys have it baaaaad!! I should send you a Get Well card

LOL, so funny

Luckilly, only Heather has caught my eye from the new sculpts, I’d be in so much trouble if I had to have them all