December the 6th

And I wake up to a message asking if I am still taking Christmas orders! Ummm! NO!

Two days ago, I got a message with a photo of a $99 premade “vinyl-silicone”. The lady was asking if I had one available that looks similar to it. After much thought, I responded letting her know that I did not have a baby sililar to that one and that it is my busiest season and I have no openings for customs, have one available and her price (not $99!!!) Haven’t heard back from her. :woman_shrugging:t3: :roll_eyes: I suspect she ordered that $99 baby and will be contacting me again next year for a real reborn. :smirk:

What are your “they just don’t understand”, …last minute, …”are you crazy”… ”whaaat?” moments happening this week?


I am still getting messages too despite the fact that I said once my Christmas Special babies were sold that was it for this year. LOL!


I feel badly for complaining, but I am swamped with messages and am kind of tired of answering them. Today my inbox was full of messages from people wanting to buy sold babies. :confused:

I’m also playing tag with a lady who ordered a custom. She totally ignored all my messages except the one I just sent her informing her that pics of her baby were posted on reborns. She finally responded to that, approved, now is avoiding my invoice… I’m busy. Trying to get these babies out before the PO gets totally swamped. I’m not sure I will take customs again since I obviously lack the patience to chase people down for $$. :unamused:


I know!

Oh yeah, every day this week at least 2 or 3 a day. The best was from a lady telling me “she’ll take a blonde, blue eyed toddler wearing a Christmas outfit and must have delivery by December 21st because their family Christmas is on the 22nd AND…she’s on a strict budget so $250 and not a penny more.”



Gotta love the Christmas crazies!


I get them all…I really need this reborn realborn for my daughter ,she is crying her eyes out for it.I can pay no more than $135…Ummm, sorry this one is listed $250 which is a very low price for a reborn of this quality…My mom reallly needs a realborn for Christmas as she is an empty nester and needs something to hold in her arms,can you sell me one cheap?like $150?..You have so much and we have so little it is unfortunate that you can not see your way to give us one for free…Then I get this …you know this is just a doll why is your price so high?

Then this one takes the cake…I was asking about this baby and you sold it out from under me…Duh woman somebody hit the button and coughed up the money while you were thinking about it.


A young girl from church informed me tonight that she was getting a reborn for Christmas. I know I had talked with her mother and gave her an at cost price because they are like family but there was never an agreement on anything. I guess I need to make a call in the morning…

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My message today was “Can I send you a reborn to add painted hair and eyebrows too? It is GHSP and will arrive Friday. I already know it doesn’t have eyebrows.”

I let her know that I don’t. I hate eyebrows and have to redo them over and over and I would hate to mess up someone else’s work or reborn…

Plus I don’t paint them I use prisma…

This evening was "do you have any reborns?"
Just the one listed. (she contacted me through the listing)
"how do I pay for it up front?"
Push the check out with paypal button…

… No reply



Got to love this time of year,it seems to bring out all the loons in full flight.


“No, this girl baby has to stay Landon and that’s that.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: