December Round Robin info

Well, ladies, it’s that time. I decided that I will get started sending info out tonight. If there are late comers tomorrow, I can swap out my person with someone new. Here is how I matched people up. I put everyone’s name on a little piece of paper and folded them in half. I took the first person on the list and had my mom draw a name. I would check to make sure that it was not the person you had the last round if you participated. So, it is all a random selection. So, I"m off to copy and paste!

I got the info for my RR person. Thank - You

i got my rr partner.

Got mine and am excited!!! This is my first time to play so I do have a couple questions -When is the soonest and latest we can send our package out?
Do we let the person who we got know that the package is from us or is it a secret?
And Do we post when we get our package so that everyone knows ?

I would say that packages could go out towards the end of November. We want to stay ahead of the Christmas rush. You would reveal who you are when you send your package to that person. When you receive your package, we would all like to see. So, I am hoping that people will show pictures as they are opening their boxes. What fun, ladies. Round Robin and then the baby swap. We’ll have so many pictures to look at.

Rose, it should be in your messages. Look at the top left.

I got mine also. I am so excited and glad I am not the only first timer here.

If it isnt too late, I’d like to play! I’ve played Christmas present swap in another forum so I need to go find out what the rules are.

We have it at $25 max.