December Advent swap

I sent the names today out for the December advent swap. Ladies let the fun begin. I have part of mine finished and will get the others done tomorrow. I hope. Just mail when you get finished and let me know when you do. I put a baby in the mail today and I wound up going to 2 different post offices before I could manage to get my box taken care of. Geesh! the first one had had 3 people call in isck. I guess this flu is getting every one I got my shot, I hope they guessed right this year.

I had this bumped several times. Sorry you missed it. Next time unless several people decided they want to do another. I would gladly get the addresses and send them out.

Here’s Lori’s chance. She could take your spot.

Sure Lori if you want to join still pm me your address. I will send it out to everyone in the morning when I get off my 24 hour shift.

Hello every one I am scattered brain today. a night of interrupted sleep does this to me! I sent Loris address. IF I missed anyone let me know.

I know what I want to do if I can ever get a break from everything else! Too many irons in the fire! I’ve had company for the last few days plus extra “kids” for the last week. Hoping to get things under control in the next few days! Then start the fun!

I hope you get some peace soon.

I am so excited I have my things finished and the names and addresses printed and in the envelopes and ready to mail! I will go to the post office tomorrow I hope! I loved them so much I made myself one and my grand daughter some.

I mailed mine today and Jan mailed hers. I think this is a fun idea.

Aarg! I really need to get busy instead of reading on here! But I have missed everyone the last few weeks. On the other hand, I’ve been on longer than 10 minutes! Bye for now. Update soon on my progress.