Dec Round Robin sign-up

Okay, Ladies, it’s that time. I figured I would post now for signing up so that I can have everything ready to send out on the first of November. Please copy and paste these questions into a pm with your answers. Is there any other piece of info that anyone thinks should be included that will be helpful?

***For those who are new to this—You will receive another person’s name and info. You send them a gift under $25 in value. Your gift can be hand made or purchased. The questions are a guide that will hopefully help you make a decision on your gift. Our goal will be to send out gifts the first week of December so that the receiver will get her gift around the 15th of December. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can ask here or you can send me a pm.

Round Robin December 2011

Theme: Christmas/Winter

Your BB name:

1 Mailing Name

2 Mailing Address

3 Are you willing to send packages internationally?

4 List the gender and size of each keeper you have.

5 Name 5 types of items you would like to receive through this swap.

6 What is your Favorite color ?

7 Do you use magnetic pacifiers, bottles, or hairbows?

8 Are you allergic to smoke/pets/scents?

9 When is your Birthday? (No need for the year just month and day-please type out the month like October or Oct)

10 Do you like baby bracelets?

11 What is your favorite animal?

12 What is your favorite scent?

13 What is your favorite flower?

14 Do you like frilly or simple?

15 Would you like Holiday items for your baby?

16 What is your nursery name if you are a reborner?

It is on it’s way.

I want to join I pm you. I think it got sent twice but spelled clairmont wrong I put clairmnt and it should be clairmont.

I got it, thank you.

pm’d you too. Oh, this one is going to be so much fun

Count me in too! Do you need me to re-send my info from the October RR?

Carmen, if everything is the same there is no need to send it again. I saved it on my computer. I will add you to the list

I was aiming for the 1st of Nov. I started the sign-up early so that people would have a chance to see the post. I can give you a name if you are that anxious.

I know what you mean. It’s such a fun thing to do.

Bumping up for last call. I will be sending out info tomorrow (Saturday)

Thank you for allowing ,e to participate, I of coursehave a question. Is there any way I couldlook up the person I have so I could see if they have any thing in particupl;ar on thier pic say maybe they need a blanket with thier logo embroderied on it or they have one already? Or the pic of their forever doll?

Look up here at the top right. You will see “members”. Click on that. You can search there for your person. When their info comes up, you will see User Statistic. Under there you will see “search user’s posts”. click on there and you will find all the posts they ever made. You might find something there. It’s a lot of searching, though. I am guessing that most of us reborners would love to have a blanket with our name on it, even if we already had one.