Debating on stripping or not?

I have done one but not sure about stripping these and redoing them! The AA hasn’t been touched so I will probably sell him… but should I strip the others and if so how would I start??

Post close ups of their details

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image image image image

If you decide to strip and redo remove the eyes, use Winsor and Newton to remove the paint (I use paper towels. A toothbrush is helpful to get in the creases), then wash in hot water and Dawn dish soap. When the parts are dry, go to it.


Thank you!! I really appreciate it and I am definitely doing the one with the open mouth! Ty

Are you wanting to strip before you sell because they have been played with/handled a lot?

Oh! Ok.

Is cause they don’t very well and I would like to redo them. Yes they’ve been played with but that’s isn’t the problem.
I’m not sure I’ll sell them it just depends if anyone is interested. One I want to redo is for a friend

Yeah I knew this and one I have was done just for that reason. I’m very eager to try doing another! Thank you