Dear Bountiful baby silicone dept

Dear Bountiful Baby,

You didn’t ask but if I were in charge of what Realborns got to be silicones I would totally send Ashley, Johanna, Laila (awake versions) off to the silicone making factory.

I think the preemies would be awesome, Leif (sp) and Aria but with different limbs (maybe Ashleys).

I know you are busy but its just a thought…


I agree!! Amd Johanna, Jade & nb June asleep, please!



Johanna would definitely be a good one!

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Johanna, Alma, or Daphne would be my picks if I had to choose favs to turn into silicone!

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I would simply faint for a silicone Jade!!!


Newborn Joseph would definitely be my pick!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I also kinda want to see some more of the bigger realborns sent off to silicone factory.

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I think bigger silicones would be too floppy and heavy… preemies would be so amazing, JMO


In order to make bigger partial silicone babies they would need to have them poured in a firmer silicone such as Ecoflex 20 or 30 with no slacker added.

Wouldn’t the weight be the same? Solid limbs on a cloth body are heavy. I have a few partials here I still have to paint and the full silli’s seem to have a better distribution of weight.

JMO, and I don’t have a lot of silicone experience in regards to reborns.

I really need to paint the seven I have. I took a class over the pandemic and was so excited but I ran out of steam and my stash of vinyl was way too big (to me) to ignore.

I am down to my last 20 (ish) vinyl sculpts, maybe I wlll paint the silicone once those are painted, I hope I remember how. I lost my notes a long time ago. I am guessing my pigments need to be scrapped…grrr…

On a tangent, sorry.

Yes they would be very heavy but if they are poured in firmer silicone they won’t be falling all over the place with lack of structure to the limbs. Also, they would not pull out of the flange rings in firmer silicone like the softer stuff does. I did a 19 inch bent legs Partial silicone last year in Ecoflex silicone and that was a heavy baby. She had a 14 or 15 inch head.

You are probably right that Joseph and some of the others would be too big for a cloth body but I just meant that if it were going to work it would have to be firmer silicone.