Deal of the day peach Teagan!

Deal of the day is now peach Teagan! She is one of my favorites.

Boy there sure has been some great deals of the day, but sadly I have just been passing on all of them no matter how tempting it is. What …just another kit to put on the shelf because no place to sell finished baby.
No matter how much work you put in a reborn no one is buying. Go look on Ebay right now. Beautiful reborns…endless reborns 100’s of them. Hardly any bidders or bidders only wanting them for a fraction of the cost. Too many reborners to customers ratio now. Too much supply verus demand.
With Ebay’s new search features they keep putting in place it is making many of us reborners invisable in the search engines. Have you been keeping up on this?

You can't sell if you are not seen. I used to have 100's of hits on every auction I posted. Now if I get 300 I am amazed. That is telling me I am not very high up in the search feature. Now they have it the top sellers advance to the front. The other sellers remain back in the dust. The ever so new "rewards" of top seller. How do you become a top seller when you aren't seen? I would say that is a double edged sword. Yet Ebay charges the top sellers less for their auctions and the rest get the max fees. You pay more and get less type thing going on there. Just sick of what ebay has done to something that used to be the most fabulous place in the world to sell. 

Wow I knew it was a lot you had to sell to get to top seller, but 100 items? How the heck could any of us do that? I know I am no longer being seen because as soon as they put that rule into effect I have lost all of my customers and very few watchers ( used to always have at least mimimum of 100) and not very many hits any more. I couldn’t reborn my babies fast enough to keep up with what my customers wanted …now sadly where are they???

I like this sculpt, and am trying to refrain from buying it! I wish the sales market was better, but I got into this because I really like all aspects of creating a baby, not to make a living with it. I used to obsess about not selling dolls, but I categorized my dolls, priced them accordingly, and have sold several. I basically sold all my boo boo dolls, and a few good ones.

No business is running perfect right now, and I won’t hit the lottery on selling dolls, but I WANT to make them because I enjoy it. Anyone who gets into this to make money is kidding themselves. The hours you put in are never paid back. Just love the art.

— Begin quote from “punkcat”

I guess in a way I’m lucky, because I never intended to try and make a living at this, I just wanted to make myself (and a few family members) some beautiful dolls. Things like the ‘deal of the day’ mean that I can make some fabulous presents or do things like make myself a set of triplets, that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

— End quote

Me too. If I sell one now and then, that would be good, but I’m not going to get rich or anything. I just love doing it and I really want to keep learning.

I am not trying to get famous or rich (though either one would be nice!) but I DO want to be successful enough to be able to sell consistently…I have been at it 6 years and have 100% feedback on ebay…that should be worth something! but I am shooting myself in the foot for not listing on ebay. I have had enough of a following to stay busy with custom orders…while I like to do the babies I want when I want…at least these are sure sales!! and no fees…and I have made some great friends! not a bad deal!!! If and when I do make it back to ebay they will say “who” ?
(oh! and I did buy Teagan…the first DOD I have purchased but she is my fav of the triplets and I may just do her for my little grandaughter who is dolly crazy!

i have been loving the deals of the day , only thing i wish is the price on the deals are so awsome i cant pass them up but living in canada the shipping price is killing me lol. but i cant resist as i know its a great deal.

and if you buy several DOD then you are paying shipping on each one! hey Nevin…can you hold them till friday and ship all the deals at once!?

i think he has said that he cant do that, not sure but i know i could spend a little more on these kits , and buy a few more, but i really have to watch the shipping. i do love seeing the deal of the day tho.


oh I am sure it would be way too confusing! and Nevin HAS to ship the same hour an order comes in! it is in his blood! but I like that about him!