Daylight photos

Wanted to share a few daylight photos so you can get a better look at him.


He’s cute! He looks qrumpy haha

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Thank you! He sure does. lol! I am enjoying him.


That’s good! I remember getting my first reborn and it was awesome! Now I don’t collect but I love making other people happy with their dolls.
He has pretty eyes!

That’s a firey red head for ya lol. He is adorable and ornery.

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He is darling!!!

Very cute baby :yum:

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What sculpt is thus cute little fella?

I was told his head is Dimitri by Adrie Stoete but with alternative limbs. Give me just one moment and I will take a picture of his limbs and we can figure out whose limbs the artist used. I am curious myself as to who these limbs belong to.

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Awww what’s the sculpt?

He’s adorable! What sculpt is he?