Darren's Makeover: Opinions needed

I’m re-rooting Darren. I haven’t quite been happy with him, his rooting isn’t up to my normal standard. Right now he has light brown hair that’s quite sparse. I can root him again with the same color or use a different color. I have blonde, red, black and reddish brown, along with the light ash brown he was rooted with originally


Any opinions on color or should I just decide myself? These are some of the colors I have, I haven’t rooted any of the red so I have no example for that one


I like the color he has now, or maybe a bit darker!

I can re root him in that color. I just didn’t like how I rooted him, it wasn’t up to my usual standards. BUT he’s been listed for 7 months with that color and no bites so maybe it’s time for a change

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I say try the red!! Something new :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking the red too! It’s really pretty and I think it would suit his skintone nicely


I agree, go for it!!

I think either red or red-brown. Little lepre

I tried the red and didn’t like it, it was too orange for him. I tried the red brown that I used on Chase and I don’t like that much either. I think I’m still too mad at Darren to like anything about him at this point. It’s wet so it looks really dark


Maybe leave him be and come back later when you’ve cooled down… :thinking:
Just a thought, I don’t see anything wrong with that color though.

I need to get him done. I’m not going to dislike him any less lol After 7 months of not selling and no bites no matter how low his price got, I’m ready to be done with him. His face just makes me angry now

Poor, sweet Darren. Are you lowering his hairline in the re-root? Also, it is a minor thing, but I am wondering if some buyers are put off by the umbilical cord. Buyers are strange creatures for the most part and cannot imagine the baby outside what is strictly presented to them. I wonder if the umbilicus is turning some of them off. I strongly do not care for them and would be able to put it aside if I ever bought a baby with one. Some buyers won’t think that way…I mean I even get questions about if the name can be changed :roll_eyes:

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It’s in like one of his pics, and is magnetic. It’s possible but it’s a recent addition so it’s certainly not the main reason he hasn’t sold. I have no idea. If he doesn’t sell soon after I re root him, he’s going in the trash. I loved him when I started but I’m so mad by now that I can barely stand to look at him anymore.

I have the same relationship with my Shyann. He/she is about to be donated somewhere. It was originally a custom that fell through. Given that, I was fine with the kit, fine with how it turned out, but it now seems it is cursed to attract non-paying buyers.

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I understand that… I had two that I listed 5 months ago, lowered their prices because I was just ready to get rid of them. They both sold n the last 5 days. Maybe sales are picking up, it is tax season :slightly_smiling_face: Do you list on reborns.com?

At least you can get non paying buyers lol Poor Darren gets nothing at all. It’s funny which ones sell and which ones just won’t. I originally loved how Darren came out but then after all this I just can’t anymore. I don’t even want to donate him at this point, I put so much into him it’s either getting sold or in the trash :rofl: He may go to my aunt as a last resort just to get him out of my face.

@hyelah1990 I don’t list there right now because I can’t afford the membership. I have like 70 cents in my account.

I know that feeling too… My mom (@Phassell) helps me out a lot or I wouldn’t be able to either. I’m sure his mommy will come along, the right person just hasn’t seen him yet. :wink:

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Maybe. I’m so close to being done with him. It’s not just him either, my others won’t sell but they haven’t been listed as long

You’ve worked too hard to just trash him now. I would get that hair in and get him back up!! Where do you list? If you don’t mind…
And just give them time, I guess some need a little more than others :unamused:

I list locally. It’s free and the buyer can see the doll in person first, which saves a lot of headaches.
I would be fine with however long it took if I had a stash. I have no kits so I have nothing to do but stare at them mocking me :rofl: I’ve made up my mind that if 1 of these 3 don’t sell, I’m not going to reborn anymore. Even if I had a job and could afford it, I don’t collect and I don’t want to collect.