Darker skin tones

I am just finishing up Aisha. For some reason I felt like she needed to have some darker skin tones. She has a very Asian vibe to me but I just kept going darker. Then I realized I may have done about three darker flesh layers than I needed to. She went from beautiful Carmel to meh…may have been a little too much blue in my brown? She photographs beautifully but in person (maybe it’s my lighting) she looks a little ashy.

I added some peach but it is naturally opaque so it didn’t help, wiped it off.

She is lovely but… she isn’t a boo-boo baby but…

You know what I mean?

Ever paint a baby that just didn’t turn out the way you imagined or you kept painting when you should have stopped?

I could make her a circus baby but I have been waiting so long to paint her.


Maybe I will just take a couple days away and see if I am just over analyzing.



I’ve done this many times and the only solution I’ve found is to go even darker. I add shading, and make the old skin color part of the highlighted areas on the face. But I’m sure she’s not that bad! I’d love to see her!


Can we see her?




Do you ever use pan pastels? That might help.

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Have you tried doing a yellow wash to warm her up a bit and see how you like her after that?

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Show her :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m thinking yellow wash or even maybe a red oxide wash?

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Did you decide to continue on…or taking a break from her?


I ended up making her a circus baby. I think she was fine I just over worried, once I get there I just can’t feel good about it. I love the way she turned out as a circus baby. I will post some photos when I do a photoshoot.

Thank you everyone for the input.


Cant wait to see her :heart:

I will be doing circus baby photo shoots Tuesday. I am so excited to get your Holly sculpt, no idea wha I a going to do but it is going to be fun. I may ask you to name her, I love all the names you chose for your children, you have a talent for it.