Dark enough?

I’m working towards making him biracial. .do you think he’s dark enough? Still a WIP tho


Looks nice

I think so. Looks great!

Wow what kit is this? He looks so perfectly human

He is dark enough. And very lovely.

He’s the Caleb kit by Cheryl Webber…if you guys think he’s dark enough I’ll finish up the details and give this guy some hair…thank you!


Your coloring is very nice!

Beautiful tones!

Gorgeous skintone!!! Unless you’re going for a darker complexion I think he looks great!!
Gorgeous lips :heart_eyes:

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Beautiful! Once you do crease coloring and shading he will look even darker so keep that in mind. I think he is perfect!

I think so. He is beautiful! What kit is he?

I see now that he is Caleb…:\