Daren is the kit of the day!

Grabbed 2- been waiting for him- go get him before he is out of stock


I got one. He is my favorite realborn. I have paited him 3 times already :slight_smile:


Gone by 8am.



I really don’t understand why they’ve kept doing the kit of the day
There are no kits in stock as it is then every day they put one on sale another goes out of stock
Nothing left to order for custom ordera


I have one I need to strip but I can’t find my Windsor newton anywhere!!!

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I can never find a realborn kit anymore, everytime i check its out of stock , its very frustrating. Ive done Darren a few times already but I would have gotten another one but nope, out of stock…like always :persevere:

By accident, as in you didn’t mean to? :smiley: I’d happily take one off your hands if you want… I missed the sale as well.

Are you interested in selling your second one?

Why are there so many kits out of stock? Does it have something to do with Covid 19?

More like everything to do. Kits come from China.

Awe okay