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If you’re crafty, try to find someone willing to paint your kit. You put it together, and voila, 200 or less reborn.

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That’s a genius idea! Thank you!

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Nope and nope. I wouldn’t. I am not sure what the point of asking for payment to be on a waiting list is, it doesn’t make any sense at all. I am not saying that it’s a scam, or that the person is doing bad business but again it doesn’t make any sense.

An artist is a person with a life and responsibilities work and personal. There are only so many hours in the day. You look at your schedule, you do what you can do. We all over commit and it isn’t a crime but you do your best to make sure your kids get to school on time, you have dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, you spend quality time with your friends and family. At work you know what your business hours are and what you can realistically get done during that time.

Here is an example. The best wedding cakes in town, everyone gets their cakes there. You are having a wedding. You call the Patisserie and you book your cake, they take a deposit, they put you on the schedule done.


They say we have no more spots in June, but you can go on the waiting list in case something opens up in the next couple months.

They know they do not have room because they can only make 60 wedding cakes a month, it’s all they have staff and equipment to handle. The cake artists can only decorate so many cakes a month and still have a life (what ever that looks like).

The people on their schedule have paid a deposit and are a 95% sure thing. If someone decided not to get married or finds out they have diabetes or gets hit by falling space debris then they lose the deposit and the space opens up.

The deposit is a contract, it covers both the seller and the buyer. If one person can’t deliver the deposit is safety net.

Being on a waiting list is just an opportunity to slide in if someone bails on the contract.

Why would anyone pay for that chance? What is the gain? If the gain is that when the next spot opens up then you get bumped up? How would you even know, where is the accountability? What if that artist feel done, or gets a new job or has a baby?

It just seems kind of silly.

Especially when new artists, really good ones are showing up all the time?

(my tone is not meant to be ugly it just seems silly that someone would ask that and I would question anyone who did)


I love this! And you’re right. The ones I’ve seen have months or years long lists and say they take people based on who paid first or the order of payment etc. I’m used to here is the deposit and this how long you’re going to wait. The other way seems off. Who’s to say you don’t get bumped by a better paying customer who’s ordering more?

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