Cyber shopping BB bodies

I couldn’t sleep so I cyber shopped. I shouldn’t have but I did. Best deal BB bodies for 5$ each. Great job BB.


I was going to root all last evening but did the same. I went through all my kits and ordered bodies for anyone who didn’t have one yet!

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I was online shopping when I got the email. I ordered 30 bodies and 5 kits. Merry Christmas to me!


Now that will be one fun box opening for YOU :grin:!


It would be more exciting if it was 30 kits and 5 bodies.:wink:


:rofl::two_hearts: Who did you order?

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I ordered Aria awake, Jennie asleep and awake, Skya asleep, and Ashley asleep. Just ordered those because they were on sale and I don’t have them in my stash. I never want to waste a shipping opportunity.


It’s addictive right

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Me, too! I only needed 2! I need a couple more, but they are for the older babies with 3/4 limbs, and they are also the ones that make them look like a “stuffed shirt” to me. I made one doll with that body, but decided I don’t want to do that again. I have to either come up with a way to alter them or make my own.


I have one with that issue too. Let me know if you come up with an idea someday :wink:

Remember to use your one time BB coupon


I have thought about that. But the issue of redoing the casing has put me off so far. I have not come to the next baby that needs the alterations on the body. It is easier and much cheaper to do that, thought, than making a new body. I do have patterns I purchased from Prilly Charmin for all kinds of doll bodies. You can search her as just Prilly Charmin and it should come up. I have them but so far haven’t needed to use them. I will most likely undo the casing and go that route when it comes time to do it. It would only take a few minutes.

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I have taken the belly in, works great and looks a lot better especially if the baby is supposed to be slim. If the limbs are really chubby then the body doesn’t look too bad the way it is.


omg! I didn’t!