Cyber Monday Sale

Dolls so Real is having a 25% off your order for Monday only. Dolls by Sandie is having a sale on Dec. 1/2 I believe. Anyone else???


Creative Impressions sent a message on my FB feed for cyber monday, but doens’t say whats on sale.It also says theres a coupon code that will be emailed. I haven’t gotten any emails from them though

MacPhereson’s is having Cyber Monday sale too…

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coastal scents for powders

Oh good lord I just went crazy on that site lol. I almost ordered a couple of weeks ago…so glad I waited. A few of the things I wanted are out of stock, but at least only half to pay full price for a few things. Thank goodness for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales


I guess NO specials from BB this time :frowning:


Hmmm They used to have great sales. Oh well, I hope to find some sales elsewhere.

Well Cyber Monday has been exciting for me. I put in my pre-order with MacPhereson’s for Lindea and then I got a great deal on Matjev by Elisa Marx from Dolls So Real!! I know I shouldn’t have spent the money especially with Christmas just a few weeks away but I honestly couldn’t help myself!! Now I’m broke but happy!!! Geezzzz this addiction is so …ADDICTING!!!