Cutting hair with electric shaver

Hi has anyone cut the reborns hair with an electric shaver? I just finished 2 curly headed babies and was wondering if I could get the hair even if I used a high comb on an electric shaver. What do you think

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Please come back and show us if you do!

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Would like to see the result if you do it, please!

OK if I get brave enough I will post a pic

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Watching and waiting!!!

Wow. That’s a really cool idea!

I think you should be able to do it, just be very gentle so you don’t pull it to much or it may come out instead of cut. Make sure it’s glued really well inside. I have seen dolls that I thought were ‘cut’ with a barber shear. Good Luck.

I gave one of mine a buzz cut before he went home a few years ago


that looks good and it worked. I chickened out I was afraid that I would cut to much off . I think it would work with a big comb. I had rooted a head with curly hair and then decided to change the eyes do I baked it and oops the hair got straight and felt like horse hair just to practice I used an electric shaver and it worked but then I shaved it very close so that I could re-root