Cutest PAIGE I have ever seen! … 4705714840WOW on the coloring and the HAIR!

That is the cutest Paige I have ever seen too!! thank you for sharing her!!!

I always thought she had great potential and I think it is the amazing hair that really sets her off and her lovely eyes! I think the 199.00 pricing may be really a bit low though, especially with that beautiful outfit she is wearing.

What a beauty! Fantastic painting and rooting! Even though I’m in the “Novice” division, I can recognize quality and craftsmanship when I see it!

Definitely one of the cutest I’ve seen. Beautiful outfits.
Wish she had taken more pics without the pacifier. Out of 26 pics, 20 had it in her “mouth”.

I agree on the paci…she has one, we get it…LOL…show us the FACE!!!

I just LOVE Paige, and yep, she a beauty!!!

She is precious!