Cute kits available now or to preorder

I am nearly at the end of my stash of kits, Well actually I have a few but none that grab me at the minute. I’ve got a few customs I’m working on so won’t be able to reborn a kit of my choice for a while, but feel an urge to replenish or at least have one or two beautiful kits waiting for me for when I’m ready :joy:so hit me with your favourite kits that are out at the minute or on pre order, I feel I’ve already missed out on a few beauties over the last few months. I tend to prefer sleeping newborn sized but am really open to anything that grabs me! Thanks

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I just painted BB Alma. She is a dream to paint and a very pretty kit. I know there’s more out there but having a brain fart right now!

Thank you, I’m not sure if she’s available here yet, I’m in the UK. But she looks pretty sweet, so I’ll definitely be keeping a look out for her.
I’ve had so many stacking up for so long that I haven’t been able to buy for a while, and just typically saw loads that appealed then . Now I’m in the position to buy a few more I’m not seeing any that really tempt me.