Cute "Cuddles" on Evilbay...not mine, but I WISH! … 1c2462e37a
LOVE the hair on this baby!

oh she is so cute!!! and Donna RuBert thinks so too!!!

Cuddles is such a cute baby, but she outdid herself with this one. I love everything about her.

The hair was what struck me… that and I love the lighter colored skin tones…

The HAIR did it for me…all I can say is WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

She was listed at $975.00 and didn’t sell…

I see that she’s been relisted, starting bid of $825 with a BIN of $1250…as cute as I think she is, and I DO think she is CUTE…but for that kind of money I’d be buying a Himstedt. Just sayin.

Well I wish her luck on her sale…I too think the price is high, but she is adorable!!!