Customer Review

Don’t you just love to receive emails like this. I was sent this by a customer I sold to last week. :slight_smile:


The babies have arrived safe and sound! They are wonderful! My girls could not be more happy with them. They oooed and aaahed over the box opening and have not put them down. They are very well done and their pictures did not do them justice. So sweet! You have a great God given talent. These babies will truly be loved and enjoyed.

It has been a pleasure working with you from the beginning of the purchase to the end. Very professional and mailed and delivered right away. Thank you again for everything and for providing such nice babies for such reasonable prices.

Blessings and God be with you,



Ah, does a heart good to know their efforts are so appreciated! Congrats on the sale :wink:


Thanks, It was needed, now I have the funds to pay for my April kits when the invoice comes in lol.


That is so nice. I love it when someone takes the time to genuinely than you.


That is so sweet of her :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is so wonderful!

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That is awesome! Don’t need anymore compliment than that!

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It’s always so nice to get a heartfelt thank you from a customer. Knowing all the work you put into those babies is appreciated and that they will be loved must feel really good!

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That’s so great, Amanda, congrats on the sales!

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Nice to get that kind of feedback! Great job!

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That’s so nice!