Custom WIP baby

I have done only 4 layers on this baby, so I am FAR from done, but I just wanted to show you how he’s coming along!
I did 3 skin layers, and 1 purple mottling layer, along with one layer of lips. He is a custom for a lady on ebay, and I am open to more customs if you want one! :smile:


Looking really good, She is going to be very pleased. Beautiful lip color, what is it?

Very nice, can’t wait to see it done. What do you use for lip color, it looks pretty good

Thank you! I used vein blue mixed with some genesis red to make this lip color.

I will keep this baby updated on forums, and I used genesis red mixed with some vein blue.

Nice base mottling!

Coming along very nicely, good job!

She is looking so good!

Thank you! I still have a long way to go!

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Off to a good start!