Custom Hair Paintings or Rootings in US

Does anybody do custom hair paintings or rootings with a price? Could even be combi. (In the US) I want my sweet little Mia Kaplanskaya to get some type of hair and eyelashes by someone in the near future. I don’t have FB so I can’t look there but I have an Instagram which I’m very active on lol. Thanks for the help! :heart:

I’m thinking to have someone root hair of quality would probably run you $100 plus the cost of supplies and shipping the head to the rooter etc. the holidays are tight because everyone is busy prepping their own dolls to sell for Christmas. You may have better luck finding someone when things slow down :wink:


Probably, just wanted to see if there was any possibility of someone available. I wasn’t planning on her getting her hair done until probably after Christmas anyways. :heart: