Custom doll bodies?

I usually order from DALD but I believe she’s moving or is on vacation? Who else makes custom bodies?

What do her cuddle baby bodies run w shipping (approximately). I’m not ready to order yet, just wondering. Or does she have a price sheet listed somewhere?

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I think there’s a lady on fb who sells them for $30 plus shipping, which is high because of the weight (limbs have to be weighted and stuffed before shipping)… I’m working on a pattern now, so let’s see. Everything goes in slow motion around here because I have kids, but will post the body when I’m done. My oldest wants a cuddle baby and I think this would be perfect for my two year old.

The real question is where to get heads. Haven’t figured out how to do that without having a bunch of arms and legs laying around.


@DollyPardon Keep watching BB for their test heads. Supplies - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC) I finally got one.

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They seem to be hard to get, @AnnieSokay. I ordered 3, got one. Most of the time they aren’t there at all. Does anyone else sell them?

I don’t know - watching?

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