Custom Doll baby face shading printable?

Hi there everyone! I am in search of a printable I remember seeing once from custom doll baby. It was of shading on the face I believe. I haven’t been able to find it and have even tried searching the custom doll baby website and wasn’t able to find it there. I’m struggling with shading on a biracial reborn I am painting and am wondering if it would help. If anyone has it and could share it, that would be appreciated!

Does anyone know if the Kate Charles video on AA shading would also work for biracial?

The closest I can find to your question is this:

Hopefully it can help a little. There is a picture.

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This may help too;



I love the Kate Charles video.


Thank you so much! That one was it! I thought it was a custom doll baby printable that’s why I couldn’t find it!


This is what I use!!!

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