Curved pacifier

Does anyone know how to make a pacifier curve closer to the face?

Try a nook they have a bigger curve

If its rocking on the side of the cheeks and not laying flat againt the mouth try using mam’s pacifiers. They work every time when I come across this problem.


Honey bug pacifiers are great…They come in different shapes and they have a magnet inside them that can be turned around so if you accidentally glue the magnet in the head wrong, you just pop the little magnet around inside the pacifier…They are great too if some one had a baby that already has a dummy glued in the doll head and lost their original one…no worries about whether the magnet is the right way round…AND BEST OF ALL…They sit flat against the mouth cause there is not bulky magnet stuck on the outside of the dummy…and they are especially made for reborns. They come is several styles, sizes and lots of colours! here are a few :smile:


They are a good idea, but I think they look to dolly like.


I agree Dee, but the design is really good. I wish someone made these especially for reborns. I am starting to have my husband drill depressions in my pacis so the magnets are flush instead of standing up because that space where the magnet or felt covering shows from the side really bugs me, but I’ve just started this so my older dolls don’t have it. Does anybody else do this? I learned it from someone on here. Thank you to whomever that was! LOL I get so many good ideas on here and don’t even have the courtesy to remember from whom I got them. I appologize for that. It’s kind of rude of me. :flushed:


Thanks you I just ordered 5 of them so I got free shipping.

Hope they work well for you…here are a few of my babies with them…I can’t see much difference in them from the way a regular one looks???



These babes could pass for the thing. Don’t leave them in the car… Also the pacifier looks the same to me.


This site offers a bulk discount and is in the U.S. but I can’t see the amounts needed to order on my iPad. Can anyone see what it says at far left?

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It says

Honeybug Pacifiers mix and match color and size:

1-24 = price as shown

25-49 = 5% discount

50-99 = 10% discount

100+ = 20% discount

and as always Free Shipping on $25 purchase or more in the Continental USA!

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Awww, Thanks Taz…that is very kind of you to say that…Just a quick FYI in case you are looking at the preemie dummies…They are very small…They suite Maise size babies…I also like the ones that you see in the photo best as far as style because they do tend to mimic the real ones…The others are cute but the sweetheart ones tend to follow the face contours well… :smile:

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Honojane my husband has been doing that for me as well. It works really well! How are you liking the results?

And starr those look awesome!

I really like the results a lot. The paci sits right down on the face where it’s supposed to be.

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Thanks so much for your kind compliment …mamadar82.

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Thanks for sharing may have to check these out. Starr did you see where BB is having free shipping if you order a real born kit? I know you were talking about the cost don’t know if this will be of benefit but hope it is.

I don’t suppose your hubby would do a tutorial for us, would he? I’d love to learn how to do it, but I don’t want to go to the expense of buying the Dremel Tool if I don’t really know what I am doing.

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Yes thank you Corholl…I DID take advantage…heehee…am over the moon too waiting for my 2 little bubs…I wish I had gone ahead and ordered another one but I don’t think it would be fair to BB to do a second order for free shipping if they have already posted the other parcel. That’s what happens when I get too indecisive. lol I should always go with my first instinct and that was to get a Presley Awake as well…Thank you thinking of me to tell me about the sale though…Very thoughtful of you and very appreciated! :smile:

@Meandmydollie - if you will send a message with your email address to @mcnair6, she will send you a PDF of how to make the recession for the magnetic pacifier!

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