Current WIP babies

So I am currently working on 3 babies at once. Thomas awake. Lavender and one for my aunt. I wanted lavender to be a girl. But all I see is a boy. Lol!
Why does this always happen when I plan for a specific gender?


She looks like a girl to me. Try some girl clothes on her and see what you think.


When I assemble I will try them. Maybe the clothes will change my mind. Right now all I see is a boy. Lol

They’re very cute. I see boy as well

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I think Lavender can go either way. Slap a headband on and you might change your mind.


That always happens to me as well. It is definitely a boy but a beautiful one at that. Love the hair. May I ask where is it from?

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Thank you.

The hair on lavender is wavy brown from Slumberland.

The hair on Thomas came from a friend of mine.