Curly Mohair - What do you think?

Anyone seen this kind of mohair before…I had emailed a friend who has a reborn supply business here in Oz and asked her if you had any dark brown or black mohair that she hadn’t gotten up on her site yet because I need it for a little AA bubs I am working on…she didn’t have any in at the moment but told me she had some in her personal stash that was supposed to be made specifically for the little AA babies so I bought it sight unseen and just received it Firday (didn’t bother with photos because she is an honest lady and a friend.) Never seen any like it…thought it looks really neat so looking forward to using it…Just wondered if anyone here has seen any like it and used it before and if so, what it is like? this is quite shiny and soft and seems to be a lovely quality


It looks like it could be Sophia’s Herritage like DBS sells. A reborn friend of mine loves it.


Just looked it up and I think you are right…it sure does look the same…She sold me a 1/2 ounce for $45 So that was a good deal…It is $28 US there and with conversion and shipping it would have cost me at $45 or more if I had, had to order it myself so that was very nice of her to sell it to me at cost…She is a super lovely lady…I am looking forward to trying it…will post pics when I am done… :grinning: Thanks Paula…very appreciated…


I did buy some like this I do believe from Dolls by Sandie, I wondered at first when I received it how it was going to root, it was a little harder then some hair I’ve had but once I got the hang of it not bad and it was really nice when head was done.


I’ve got some just like it and it was Sophia’s Herritage from DBS. I’ve been putting off using it cause it looks a little tight.

Looks like the curly mohair I have. I prefer less curl since most AA babies I have seen have wavy hair instead of really curly hair. Not sure when it actually starts to get a tight curl? I use a flat iron before cutting it into shorter lengths for rooting so it is a bit more manageable. It curls right back up when moistened.


Thanks Pia…here are the pic she sent me for what she is wanting…so was afraid that with just the wavy I would not be able to get the tight curls…Not sure about AA babies in the USA but when I lived in Rhodesia and South Africa for 4 years, most the babies there were born with the most beautiful heads of curls you ever saw…and lots of them were the very tight curls…(They had gorgeous children over there…My mom was an RN and helped deliver a few…she said they were some of the most beautiful babies she has ever seen…)

Thank you for this tip…If I have to resort to straightening…I will definitely give it a try…thank you…

I’ll let you know how it goes…It was $45 for a 1/2 oz over here so hope it works out for me …YIKES!!! :scream:

Thanks for the pic and encouragement…lol I feel a bit better seeing your babies head. looks so nice and soft…nice rotting job too… :smile:


Yes - those babies have got some tight curls at a really young age! AA is so much more difficult for me that I only do them if there is a Workshop to participate in!


I have a hard time with them too Pia…They don’t come easy for me…This lady wants me to paint one like Brooke Nicole…hahahahaha! I told her that was not even a remote possibility…hahahha Couldn’t do if if my life depended on it…There are some ladies on here who do lovely ones though… :smile:


I got some blonde like that from DBS, It was coarser that the more expensive mohair I have purchased since, but it rooted quite well. I used a light blonde which was invisible during rooting. It’s nicely curly, and loosens some as the strands are pulled out of the lock. The hair looks pretty good on the doll, or at least as good as hair looks on someone’s 4th baby!

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I was sort of worried about the quality…it looks nice and shiny but I am use to very soft high quality Slumberland or Susan Nagel so am a little worried about this… Will have to see how I go…guess I better get cracking on getting this little one painted…I have been putting it off cause I am dreading it…Getting AA skin tines right is not really my field of expertise…I love some of the beautiful babies ladies make here but I have never seen a tutorial or watched how they layer paint for them so each time I do one it is sort of a live and learn thing and each time I do one I vow it will be the last one I ever do so I never bother watching a tutorial…and THEN…BAM… I take another order for one… :scream:


It’s the ole mantra, Starr. “Try it on a test head.” (Then show us!)


Thanks Helen…Great Advice…I don’t keep any test parts here unfortunately but this is a reminder that I need to have a few on hand…lol


My biracial son was born with a head full of straight hair. By about a month it was softly curly though. At 15yrs old now, he has 12 inche long ringlets. Beautiful hair thats for sure.


I was at the hospital waiting for my niece in laws baby to be born (many years ago) when they brought this newborn AA baby into the nursery and I swear I have never seen a more beautiful baby. She was absolutely perfect in every way and she had the tightest little kinky curls all over her head and she was beautiful!!! I have never forgotten what she looked like.