Curing Question For Air Dry

Hi all, so I just finished my second kit, and I used liquitex hard body paints. I thought I was supposed to seal the kit then let it cure, so I decided to seal it about two hours after I finished painting. I literally just finished sealing with Americana soft touch varnish and I’m scared I inadvertently ruined the kit. I don’t plan on touching the kit for at least three weeks, but will the paint cure even though it’s been sealed?
Thanks in advance


Hello @myoungbabes I use liquitex and you shouldn’t have any problems but if you do then use the Cornstarch and/or DE recipe and seal it a second time.

Thank you so much! I used cornstarch on this layer so maybe that will help lol? Thank you though, truly, you calmed my mind immensely haha

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I use air dry as well, I paint in sections. By the time I’m done on round 1, the first limb I painted is done. After a day of painting, I wait 24 hours before starting. Then at the end, wait 72 hours before sealing


When you say “seal” do you put an actual Sealer (rebornFX or equal) and then wait a few days-----THEN add your Varnish (to matte and protect)?? @SouthernLullabies / @anon76366621

Or are you going straight from ‘paint’ to ‘varnish’ without using the actual ‘sealer’?

I know you didn’t ask me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I seal every 3 to 4 layers with Liquitex Ultra or Matte Gel. Seal again at the end of painting, wait a few days then Varnish with Soft Touch, Food Grade DE/Cornstarch. Let it Cure for a couple of weeks or more before it leaves to go home. I root after sealing (at the end of painting).

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@anon76366621 Food Grade DE will not attract bugs, lol! :smile:

I understand I lived in Georgia. But DE is for getting rid of bugs. The food grade is harmless to humans and animals but bugs don’t like it.

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Yes I wait a few days after painting to seal, then a few days after that I do my varnish

@anon76366621 is referring to Diatomaceous earth.i never used it though. Just trying to help out.:blush: