Cuddle body hands & feet

Does anyone else think the hands and feet on most cuddle bodies are too fat and puffy? Even dressed, they look fake to me and you can’t even stuff the feet into baby shoes.


Yes, especially on BB bodies.
But I dislike Reggie’s bodies even more.


I looooove cuddle babies (probably because I’ve always been a cuddlebug myself lol) and have found that I have to severely under stuff them to avoid that!

I bought a doll base from TheHomeEcLady on Etsy to glue my silicone practice face to and I really like how she pre-stuffed the arms and legs on it.

It feels like there are two bags of glass beads/sand inside of stockings in each leg and no stuffing. Sometimes I need to give her a little foot massage to get the feet looking normal again, but the glass beads are fairly easy to move around with a little pressure.

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Yes! It’s hard to take pictures because the photo’s are all hands. For this one I pulled the
sleeves down as far as I could to cover. It helped but they are still way too big.


Omg yes! I find BB cuddle bodies to be the worst, lobster claw hands and elf feet :laughing: I buy Reggie’s bodies, which are a lot more proprtionate, but I have yet to find the perfect cuddle body that has small hands and feet, the actual size they would be on a babies body!

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I got cuddle bodies last year from @Leabelle per @RosieCait recommendation. They were wonderful! She has her own pattern where the arms and legs are not so fat and the hands are more slender as well. They posed very well for me. Since it was for show babies I did not take any nakie pics but you can see here my baby in a newborn sized sleeper and she does not look to have fat hands and arms.


I always end up adding 1/4 limbs to cuddle babies. I just like the look of fingers and toes. I just cut off the cloth ends of the limbs and sew on casings to attach the feet and hands.


That is GREAT to know!