Cuddle baby armature

Has any one added armature to a cuddle baby before? I was browsing through Instagram and came across a cuddle baby that was all curled up dose anyone have experience doing this? I would buy armature from dolls by sandier but the limbs dong connect with the body on the inside. My next thought was to use some kind of wire but wanted to see if anyone had any tips before I buy anything

I think you’d have to make a small opening inside the body, over the limb, to be able to put armature in. I personally don’t like armature on cuddle babies. While it does maintain the posing positions, it makes them stiff, reducing the cuddle factor. The cuddle babies I’ve made have been very poseable without armature because I slightly understuff them. It makes them super snuggly which, to me, is the whole point of cuddle babies.


These bodies by Reggiesdolls don’t have armatures, but they have great poseability and the ability to be all curled up. The link to the body shows pictures of different poses:)


Those have nice hands and feet. I hate cuddle bodies with big, round, fat and klunky hands and feet. I like to be able to put mitts, socks and shoes on mine.


I like smaller hands and feet too, seems more realistic.

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