Crystal Body Question

Is there any other body that would work for Crystal other than the one in the description of her ? I object to the way her limbs spin like windmills.

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Limbs spin like windmills? That’s a good way to put it. :joy:

There is one that fits, but darn if I can remember which one… Is it the one for Riley? Hmmm… I just got one her same size with front loading legs and 3/4 arms from BB.


I really can not think of any other way to say it :smile:

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I have a 22" Riley however Crystal is 3/4 leg full arm so not seeing that as an option I also have a 20" front load however it is for a 3/4 arm kit .
Perhaps cut the bottom off and add to another top lol more work than I want for sure .

My memory fails again. You are right. Lol Looks like it was a realborn body.

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Sweetie, Tracy and Crystal all have the same limbs. Check out Barb’s Baby Dolls Sweetie on She has a front loading leg body that fits her perfectly. I can make you one if you like it.

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Thanks , I didn’t find it but as tired as I am it could have been right in front of me and I missed it lol kind of kicking the idea around of trying to make the front load I have a full arm .
That’s an idea to sleep on though need a fresh mind and eye :smile:

You know what… I think this is Grant’s body. It seemed a little small for him, and Crystal is kind of big, so there you have it. :slight_smile:

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@jeanhai Do you make bodies?

That’s funny because when I read “spins like windmills” I IMMEDIATELY thought of my Tracy!! Didn’t realize they shared bodies. Yes I know exactly what you mean. They don’t “fall” right

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@AnnieSokay I do sometimes make bodies, but not all kinds in all sizes.