Cry baby

My youngest wants a baby for christmas this year that cries or says mama. You know like yhe old school babies. I had one when i was little about 1983ish that when you laid her back and set her back up she said mama. Anybody have a clue what that voicebox is called and where to get one?

I had a 1960s version of Madame Alexander’s Victoria. Her eyes opened and closed, and she had a cry box in her back. She was my favorite doll, and I thought she looked so real. I don’t know if a version of her is still being made, but eBay has a lot of past versions for sale, and some are in really nice condition.

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Here’s one… CR's Crafts - Largest Variety of Doll Supplies and Bear Supplies ANYWHERE!

It’s perfect!! and for that price you can order a spare or two. I’ve ordered from CRCrafts before. It’s a good company!


Thank you! Thats exactly what i was looking for!