Crocheted outfits

I brought 3 crocheted outfits from a friend that was advertising for a friend. The dresses were too big, so she is remaking them. The hat and headband was a lil too small too. I think the sweater fit perfect. Booties could have been a lil smaller or stitching towards the back. Here is Johanna modeling the sweater. I think 70.00 was a good price for what I got.


Such lovely things! :two_hearts:

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Aww so adorable. I need to start to develop more patience to do these. I worry though because I have low self esteem and know it wont be good when I make them. I have crocheted before but they always turn out rubbish and I never finish because of it.


Thank you.

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Thank you. Go for it. Don’t put yourself down. Just take your time. If you get frustrated, put it down n come back to it. I use to could crochet baby stuff. I was in high school then. If I crochet now, it would be an Afghan.

Omgoodness there are so many easy patterns on Etsy! I’ve been buying tons of vintage baby doll clothes patterns to knit/crochet for preemie size babies/dolls. There are also slot of great you tube videos to help you get started :heart_eyes:

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I’m left handed though so it narrows options a little otherwise I would have to convert it and I find it really hard to keep up.

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I’m pretty sure there are videos for that :wink:

I was just trying to imagine crocheting left handed and OMG how to do do that? I’m going to have to watch some videos cause now I’m intrigued. Would you go left to right instead of right to left or vice versa? I can’t even picture which way I crochet right now. I knit more lol

Wow, that was weird to watch! I see what you mean but I think you just follow the same instruction and go the other way

You can do it!

We believe in you :heart_eyes:

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You got all of these for $70? That is a good deal. I’ve made those booties. The way the pattern is written you have to stitch them up on the top. I did mine from the inside so the seam wasn’t quite so bulky.