Crochet baby these look familiar?

SO I got these little baby shoes from somewhere a while ago and have never used them…and had no idea how absolutely darling they are. I believe I may have gotten them from someone here on the forum with something I purchased or exchanged…I don’t know. But I’m looking for whoever made them so I can order more lol. Sorry for the crappy photos, I was trying to get better close ups of the material. It’s not thick like yarn but looks more like cross stitching thread.

If these are your work, please let me know, I love to order a few more pairs. Or if there is someone here who makes them…even is this particular pair isn’t yours. Thank you


@grannyx3 and @jeslilmax maybe one of them?

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No, I’ve never traded with or purchased from either of them. It’s totally bugging me that I can’t remember where I got them from lol

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Maybe @elizebethm

not me, but thanks. thats the one thing i cant make😞. i get the sole down but cant get the toe gathers right. so i just make

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its a cotton yarn. its on those big cones. i love it but its kind of pricey.and can be hard to work with.

i just googled a photo for cotton yarn and yes that looks exactly like what they’re made from.