Creeped out a Doctor friend LOL

Went to visit friends last night we haven’t seen in quite awhile. Talked about our lives over the past year and of course, the grandkids. Pictures were shown and then I casually showed the husband who is a plastic surgeon a photo of our new babies (Meg and Elsie). It was hilarious when he couldn’t get past the point that they were not real babies. His wife, whom already knew about the reborns, kept telling him they were dolls and he kept saying yes, that in fact they were dolls (meaning they were really cute), but who did they belong to. After we all got done belly laughing, I proceeded to show him pictures of unfinished kits and the reborning process with explanations of painting, baking, weighing and assembling of the babies. I also told him Meg and Elsie were only done with approx. 75% of the detail of the kit I am doing now and that I am striving for 90% realism in future reborning. The doctor shook his head and told me that he thought I had already hit 110% and I should take a step backwards with my skills because he liked them a lot better when he thought they were real babies and now I was just creeping him out…wait till he holds one LOL! I took this as a compliment from a person who makes real people look like Barbie dolls. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! I’ve had friends that were just kind of like… “oh, so you paint dolls…” but then after seeing one in person, and holding it, they were smiling, and treating it just like a real baby! So funny, and sweet! :smile:


I get that all the time! It’s like their mind is exploding and isn’t fully comprehending. I’m sure the experience made you feel really good!! :blush:


Yes Amy, I was in seventh heaven! I felt like the Doctor wanted to keep staring at them, but also wanted to throw my phone as far as he could all at the same time. Never laughed so hard…it was good for the soul. I think I’ll keep doing this wonderful craft!


Good job to fool a plastic surgeon!