Creating shine

I use Genesis heat set paints. I have used the Genesis glazing gel to create a shine on the inside of the doll mouth, but it is not very shiny even with 2 coats. I have also tried the Aleene’s paper glaze, but that started to peel off after a few months. Any suggestions from anyone on what else can be used?

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I’m not to sure but what about mixing Glazing Gel with a bit of Satin Varnish.

I use ModgePodge Super Gloss to moisten mouth and eyes.

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I use looks alive streight

I use the BB Air Dry Gloss Varnish for babies painted with GHSP and Baby FX Subtle Shine for babies painted with Baby FX.

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I use ModPodge Gloss for the lips and eyes and ModPodge Satin for the nails and ears.