Create Custom mold

I would love to make my seven-month-old daughter A replica doll of herself. If you wanted to make a custom mold how would you do this?

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That does not happen very often with vinyl kits.
Realborns are only done on family and employee member’s babies at Bountiful Baby. They have a huge expensive scanner that scans the infants.

Other than that occasionally clay sculptors will use someone’s baby’s photos and sculpt a portrait sculpt that may possibly be turned into a kit. (Willow Flower, Crystal, Kimber, Liam Brown, Ellie Sue Brown, Levi Brown, Peanut, Li, etc)

Other than that some people will sculpt with clay and turn that into a silicone doll. That is easier to do at home and you dont need a factory. But I do not know of anyone who sculpts other people’s babies and then molds the sculpt, pours the sculpt, paints/ roots etc. Silicone is more expensive as well.

There are some who will sculpt clay versions of your child. I am not sure who to contact. Those are not made into vinyl or silicone but stay as the baked clay baby (I think)


Thank you!

Ping Lau use to do OOAK’s of people’s children, years ago. I don’t know if she still does, but worth asking her :slight_smile:

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