Creases, holes, help?

Oyyyy I am having the worst trouble with this Brinley kit! So many tiny cracks/holes/creases I can’t see til they fill up and look like crap. Any advice? Toothpicks are doing nada. :confused:


I had this problem with Sam Legler :worried: no answers for you but I’ll be following

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They’re small spots. I’d strip those areas with a Q-tip and try some 3-D medium where the defects are. At the very least it should minimize them. You can sand the medium with folded superfine sandpaper or a round file if needed.


Some artist made kits are not sanded and smooted well and have pits, rough bits, and deep creases. I just don’t fight it, I do my best and hope the overall effect makes this not such a big deal for a buyer. I do give a close up of feet just so they know. I think it looks fine.


Yeah. I ended up scraping out what I could and used an electric nail file to attempt to smooth out those areas. Then I varnished. I told the lady and it’s fine with her. Just drives me crazy after all the hours of hard work