Crafting room

My husband and I separated 8 months ago. The positive out of this is that I get to turn his man cave into a craft room. It isn’t a huge room but I’m excited to get started with decorating. It will be used for reborning but my daughters and their friends also like to craft so I want to set up a table in there for them to paint canvases and scrapbook and do all the other stuff they are into. I was thinking maybe a corner desk for me and a crib to put my completed dolls and then a 6ft table for them to craft and then lots of shelving and storage. So with that said what do you have in your craft room or use for crafts that you can’t live without? Should I paint it white so it’s brighter? I really wanted to paint it a cute color and put some decals up but don’t know if that would hurt the lighting. It’s also in the basement although it does have 2 full windows it doesn’t get great lighting. What is the best lighting and can I just buy a special lightbulb instead of a full lamp. Since I am single money is tight so most stuff I will buy used but want to make it a special place for me and my girls.


Go to lots of garage sales and find shelves, pegboards, and big cabinets to keep everything stored and sorted. Even if they are all different you could unify them by painting them all the same color. I’d probably stick with light color walls to keep it as bright as possible. Some craft supplies like stacks of paper, fabric, yarn and ribbon have lots of fun colors and not everything has to be hidden. They could add some fun colors to the whole area.
As for the light…if you can possibly swing an Ott light for your desk you will be glad you did. It gives you a more natural light to paint reborns if you aren’t where daylight is available and your colors will be more accurate than if you use a regular bulb. Michael’s has them and if you use one of their 50 percent off coupons they are pretty reasonable. Not sure what light sources you have in your basement, but I’d think regular bulbs would probably be fine for most of it.
Sounds like a fun project for you and your girls. We want to see photos when you get it done!


Sounds like I need you to organize my craft room! You have lots of nice ideas!

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