Craft show/ doll show.. Table set up

Hello Ladies I am so excited/ nervous I have my very first show this weekend it is just a craft show but it is the first time I will be meeting people face to face trying to sell my babies!!! I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of table they had set up for show??? I have no idea how to set one up so it doesnt look like a bunch of babies just lined up in a row!!! as of right now I have about 14 dolls and some craft stuff, TUTUS Hats Buntings, cocoons, head bands… I am afraid my 8 ft table will be sooo small!!!

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If you e-mail me at I can send you some photos of my set-up. I can’t seem to post here.


Best of luck hope you make some good sales!

hahah Thanks That is another question how often do you actually sell dolls at these shows??? I am guessing I might get a custom order or 2 but Im so nervous I am gonna completely fail… Ahhhhh Positive thinking haha!!

Here is my table set up at the doll show I did in New Braunfels and this weekend will be going to Houston to do another doll show there.

Good luck!!

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Gorgeous!!! Thank you

Here are my set ups for indoor and outside


Gorgeous!!! Thank You so much everyone!!!

You all were so wonderful and My table turned out OKay Not great I need more things to set my babies in like bouncy seats or maybe even a high chair so they arent all laying around… BUt honestly at this show I could of had the best baby table ever and I would have somld NOTHING hahah for the ammount of Venders at the show there were way to few shoppers not one of thje venders I talked to made their table fee back!!! I sold 3 hair bows hahah I was sad I had BIG dreams of how I thought it would go… NEXT TIME!!! I got my first one out of the way and now I know a little more… Anyways You all are wonderful I adore this forum a little more evereytime I come… Thank You

Your displays all look wonderful! I sure hope you had a good time and I sure wish I could be there.

which baby are you talking about please