Craft Fair this weekend!

I ran across a Craft Fair near me this weekend and was able to get in at the last minute! I have six babies to take so that should be enough. I’ll post pics this weekend. :grinning:


Awesome can’t wait to see them

Can’t wait to see Amy! I wish I could find a fair/show around here, but haven’t found any with reborns at them. Just antique, modern, BJD, the sort. :confused:

SELL, SELL, SELL!!! @AmyR777


Amy that is so awesome!!! Who are you bringing???

I hope you had fun. I did a couple of those craft faires and a lot of people thought they were super but too much money. I had a problem with everyone picking them up and handling them and then handing them to their children to manhandle.Did two of these and the third time I put a sign out please do not pick the dolls up, My next craft faore I was next to a person who sold out door furniture made of barn board and the furniture was full of little gnats that flew over to me and on my babies , at which point I said bye, I don’t think I want to try this again.I sure hope your experience was better and you sold some little ones.


Thank you, ladies!

You’re such a great cheerleader, Karen! :smile:

Joey Edenholm

Celeste Musgrove (Brian)

Addy Hess

Larry Blick

Asher Awake

Grayson Brown (Gracie Ann)

And probably Megan Moultan


You are going to sell out!!! I LOVE YOUR Babies!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Good luck

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That would be great, Nikki!! Thank you, Teresa! :relaxed:

Thank you, Rachel! :blush:

I wasn’t planning on it. She was made as a keeper but I thought I’d take her and she if she sells. She was my baby #4 and isn’t a representation of my current work but she is a cutie. Are you interested?

Hope you do well!

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Good Luck Amy, these babies are so darn cute, I hope they sell for you. I’ve heard lots of people say they don’t do well at craft fairs cause people aren’t prepared to pay what these babies cost. But here’s hoping they’re wrong this time. BOL with your sales.


Thank you, Paula and Lynn. Im not sure how it’ll go but its certainly a good time of year. I’ll have “special show prices” so that may help.


Thats fine, Rachel. :slight_smile:

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I really love

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Have fun, and I hope you make some sales !! :smile:

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BOL Amy, hope it’s an amazing sale weekend for you and you get a whole bunch of new customers​:money_mouth_face::+1:

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