Cozy paci

Hi ladies.

So I’m finishing a Cozy sculpt for a customer and I cannot get the pacifier and magnet to work. It holds but it doesn’t stay flush against the lips since cozy has a protruding upper lip.

Can I just cut the tip of the nipple off and use the pacifier without a magnet? Its driving me nuts


I just used a cut paci! No magnet! And it worked great :hugs:


I like that idea. I usually just put the magnet under where the nipple was with super glue and cover with moleskin. If the top lip protrudes a lot, I put a piece of foam board, the size of the magnet, on top of the magnet before covering it with the moleskin. It makes it sit straight.

I’d use a cut nipple, I’ve done it before on a reborn. It actually looks pretty nice.

If a reborn has an open mouth I just cut the nipple on a paci to fit and use that. I cross cut it to the right length and then make an angled cut partially down both sides. I don’t fill it with anything. No worries about magnets that way, and the part of the nipple that remains expands to keep it in place.