Cozy and Precious Gift preference

I haven’t done Cozy or Precious gift yet. I was wondering which one I like best. I’m leaning toward Cozy, but not sure. Have any of you done them. What kit do you prefer? Also has BB ever had them on special deal?

I’ve done PG twice; after painting, her features are just so infant-like, I rec’d lots of comments on how real she looked.

Two of my all-time favorite kits! I prefer Precious Gift – so newbornish and snuggly! Love all the wrinkles and the scrunchy little face. Looks great either boy or girl, can’t lose.

While I haven’t done Precious Gift, I think it is a realistic sculpt, and I have done Cozy, and loved that one – my Cozy was the older version so I don’t know how the newer Cozy differs, but I understand it has been re-worked a bit.

I enjoy all of the details that precious gift has

I have done better with selling Cozy rather than Precious Gift.

Thanks for all your incites. Maybe I’ll do both of them.