Couple of open spaces for Jacky's rooting class

@Jacky posted on the ROSE 2016 Facebook page that she has a couple openings for the advanced hair rooting class. Cost is $230 for an all day class on Wednesday. I’ll try to post a link to it later from the computer. Several of us are taking this class.

There it is


Ugh I wish I could go to Rose and take this lol goodness knows I sure need it! Lol


Are there still openings? When I follow the link it says sold out?

You have to contact me at you interest. I send you a pay pal invoice.
hugs jacky


I was wondering for a friend, but I just called her, and she doesn’t think she will have enough money to travel this year. Will you be offering this class next year also?

Hi @Jacky, I just wanted to let you know that I am very, very interested. Please contact me back at your earliest convenience! I have messaged you.

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