County fair

Took her to our open class craft show


Congratulations! She’s precious.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thank you::slight_smile:

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I did over hear the comment “looks like a mummified baby!” :wink:

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I had a woman at a doll show say my babies were creepy. When she saw the pacemaker caution she said ‘…and they can kill you too.’ I almost choked trying not to laugh.


Great! Congratulations!

Can the magnets hurt a person with a pace maker I’ve never heard this

Pacemakers and internal defibrillators, spinal card stimulators etc can all be switched off if a strong magnet is placed near them. The older versions of spinal cord stimulators used to issue the patient with a magnet to switch on and off as required.

Super Congratulations!!! :smile:

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Strong magnets can affect pacemakers, cell phones, ATM cards and other electronic equipment if they get too close to them. I called a cardiology office to ask about this. They said people with pacemakers shouldn’t hold the dolls close to their chest.


Thanks I never thought of that. I’ll be careful to tell anyone in the future to keep them away from these people to be safe.

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My take on the magnets is this: I never know who has or who doesn’t have some type of implant that could be messed with by a magnet in my babies. I do not want to be responsible for that if it did happen to them. I love to go to the nursing homes when I am able, and there are lots of people there who have some kinds of device that might be interfered with by magnets. I have also heard that it can make your cards with electronic data on them, or other electronic items, stop working. I don’t personally know. I just don’t take the chance. I do think the magnetic paci’s , etc. are so darling, though.

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I was just wondering how close is safe since a lady just put one of my babies on layaway and her dad has a pacemaker.

I’d let her know that the magnets can affect a pacemaker. She might not want one. If her dad isn’t going to be holding the baby, it should be okay. She should probably ask his own cardiologist how close is safe.

Also, you could take the magnets out, if that is still possible.