Counterfeit companies

Does anyone here follow Alaya’s Playtime Adventures? She is on instagram and you tube. She is Mariah’s niece (Mariah has the K twins) and I know many people followed her. Same Mema films Alaya that filmed Mariah. Alaya’s channel has partnered with a company that produces counterfeit dolls, including counterfeit Twin A. They made a post recently to say they had 5 reborn doll box openings to do from this company and that they would be doing giveaways with the dolls. I posted to let her know that it was a disreputable company and she deleted and blocked me both on Facebook and instagram.


How awful!
I reported a couple of people to admins in groups for trying to sell fake kits. I reported the same person in two different groups, and I was told I would have to prove they were fakes?
This kills me in groups that state in their rules that they don’t support fake kits, and yet they do nothing
to stop the sale of these kits. How sickened all of the sculptors must be :disappointed_relieved:


It is terrible that people just turn a blind eye.


One of the Facebook groups admin posted that safety photos have to be posted in all sale posts and that these safety photos should have the date updated every day that the post remained there, I replied saying artists shouldn’t be forced to post safety photos publicly because not only could scammers steal the photos but they can copy the safety photo too and then open a fake account in our name and use those safety photos to convince people they are legit.

I got removed and blocked from the group for saying that (no explanation or anything).

I’m at the point where I give up trying to warn people of fakes and scammers, it’s just fighting a loosing battle!


Denial… It ain’t a river in Egypt 🤦🏻

The rules say no fakes. … But when you bring it to their attention, they act like your the bad guy…


That is terrible. I think that the best way to deal with this would be for others in the community with a large social media presence to come out against this Alaya’s Playtime Adventures. She (and whoever else is involved) should be banned from all doll shows too. I actually never heard of this channel, so thank you for making me aware so I can be sure to never watch or follow.


There’s a lady I watch who was given three dolls to review by scam companies. Thankfully as soon as I told her the sculpts were stolen she took down the video.

The scam company contacted her and asked why it was taken down. She told them if they could prove the sculpts weren’t stolen she would put it back.

They vanished.

Looks like they moved on to other YouTubers


Thankfully that you tuber did the right thing. This lady just deleted my comments and blocked me.

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