Could this ever happen?

Could artists ever make a toddler version for the infants? As in, they would keep up with them and create their older version as well. Say, like Romeo by Natali Blick in toddler version. I don’t know, this thought may sound silly but I think it would be adorable to have the baby version as well as the toddler. I don’t know, it may be a bit creepy but…what do you think?


Like watching them grow or siblings

Something along those lines, I just thought it would be cute. And also a sort of second opportunity to get a kit we missed out on. If that makes sense

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Reva Schick did that. Ariella is the infant, Arianna is the toddler sized version, and Angelica is the child sized version.


Ping Lau has done it with Prince George as well.


For me, I found they are harder in a way IMO not because of their size but they take more work to get the realism for some reason but they are fun and worth it when they are done… :smile:


Are the discontinued newborn Eliza and newborn Crystal the same babies as the current Eliza and Crystal?


I think it would be so awesome if they had older versions of the Realborns… Cuz babies change so much in their first year of life. I would love to see what Presley and Asher look like now.