Could This Be A Paint Allergy to a Single Paint Color

I’ve just embarked on my reborn adventure, and I’ve already used all sorts of products without issue. Specifically, I’ve used acetone, Windsor Newton, hard body Liquitex paint, Liquitex matte gel and Liquitex matte medium. Well, last night, I put away some practice limbs and tried my hand at a BB seconds kit. I became frustrated with the Liquitex thickness of the hard body paint and decided to see if soft body unbleached titanium was the way to go. This is where things took a drastic turn. I mixed it with 25% matte medium and water just like I would the hard body. Then, I started pouncing away. I have to say, the results were amazing! However, as I turned the doll head in my hand, I noticed my hand had turned dark blue, like I had lost all circulation. Then, I noticed my other hand was blue. I was so shocked I put everything down and ran outside into the clean air, and the blue color went away. This morning, I assumed all was well and good and went back to inspect my doll head, and my hands started turning blue. Could this be an allergy to just one Liquitex soft body paint color or could it be to Liquitex soft body paint in general? I visited a “Prompt Care,” and they said I was completely fine. However, I’m wondering what caused it, so I can avoid it, even if I need a respirator or special gloves. It’s really weird though, as I didn’t have any unpleasant sensations whatsoever. My hands were just blue!

There is actually a condition that people have, it’s called Peripheral cyanosis and also one called raynauds. They are not serious to our health. Maybe the pouncing is causing some poor circulation? Just enough to cause it. I’m not sure, but you can look into it!


Yes, peripheral cyanosis turns them blue, Reynaud’s turns them very white.

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Thanks so much!!! My husband’s family has a long association with lupus and scleroderma. He saw my hands after I touched the doll’s head in the morning, and they were blue. He thought it was Raynauds Phenomenon, which his mother had. We reasoned that my hands were probably looking blue though, because I’m African American, and his mother is Caucasian. Raynauds was ruled out at Prompt Care and they said there was nothing else that made your hands change color. I’ll definitely look into that now, as it makes sense. I was using a kabuki brush to pounce away at a large Nikolas head, and I had to maintain quite a grip on him.


Thanks! It all makes sense, as I was trying that Kabuki brush method to prevent the kind of lines that show up with wedge pouncing. I had to keep quite a grip on him and the brush, and I had his head very close to my face, so I just need to figure out now if it was the pressure I was exerting, fumes or both. I’ll definitely follow-up with my primary, though, but it seems like that’s what it is.

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I’m so glad you’re getting it figured out! :slight_smile:

Wow. Thanks for that info. I’ve only known about the fingers turning white. I know several people who have Reynaud’s but none of theirs is multicolored and always triggered by cold.