Cosmetic wedges from bb

Has anyone used the cosmetic wedges from BB? If so, are they good? I’ve been having the hardest time finding any.

I have used them and think they are too porous. I get the ones I use from the dollar tree. I also use the cosmetic sponge applicators that are shaped somewhat like eggs

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I was watching AA tutorial that @jlesser posted on another thread yesterday and saw that artist uses brushes a lot for her blending. I only use brushes for small areas when I need precise details/ shadings and use cosmetic wedges 99% of the time. Wondering how many artists are using large brushes for blending?
I also don’t use brush to apply skin tones for a fear of running paint. Am I doing it wrong?

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I only use brush for creases, I use cosmetic sponges. So you’re not doing anything wrong !

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There’s no right or wrong, you do what works for you.

I use a variety of mop brushes, liners, and shaders and really only use sponges for mottling. It’s what works for me, but we all have different methods.


I use brushes for most of my blending. I only use wedges for mottling and pouncing washes.


I have and was very pleased! I usually buy them on ebay, but the ad was down